Hi everyone! Bubba here. That's me in our logo. As baby, I had a VERY finicky tummy, so my Mom started making homemade dog food and dog treats for me to enjoy.

I'm sharing some of my favorites so that your dog can also enjoy them as much as I do.

Because some of my friends have allergies, we created a  WHEAT FREE CHEESEBURGER (Who doesn't like a good cheeseburger?) version of our signature Muttballs. We also offer GRAIN FREE treats too. I love em too!

Everything at Bubba's Bistro is handmade from all human-grade ingredients right here in our kitchen.  Since we use NO PRESERVATIVES, we recommend storing refridgerated.  Our products will stay for months in the freezer as well. Just take out what you want and microwave for 10 seconds, or just thaw on counter for about 15-20 min. You can even re-freeze if needed. They get a bit dry, but dogs don't seem to care.

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In order to insure freshness on delivery, all our products are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. 


    Grain Free Sampler GRAIN FREE TREATS Pupcakes
    Grain Free SamplerGRAIN FREE TREATSPupcakes

    Our newest addition to the Sampler family.  All 3 of our Grain free flavors in a resealable container.

    Grain Free treats in 3 delicious flavors! Sure to please the pet sensitive to grain.  1 dozen packaged in resealable container.

    Mini "PUP"cakes!  4 great dog taste tested flavors! Packaged 1 dozen in resealable tin tie bag. Great for the little guys!





    MUTTBALL MEDLEY BUBBA'S SAMPLER Meat and Cheese Mutt Balls - 1/2 pound
    MUTTBALL MEDLEYBUBBA'S SAMPLERMeat and Cheese Mutt Balls - 1/2 pound

    A 1 pound medley of our three flavors of muttballs: Turkey Parmesean Ham and Swiss Cheeseburger Packaged in a freezer ready container, sealed with seasonal design tape. Ready for gift giving. Perfect for training, mix the flavors up.

    A perfect solution when you just can't decide which of our delicious products your dog will love. A selection of our best selling products, packaged in a tidy covered tray, ready for gift giving.

    Our best seller! A delicious ball of scrumptious fresh ground meat and grated cheese. I dream about these!!! 3 flavors and 2 sizes available. Packaged in tin tie bag, ready for gift giving, or just to show you care. 1/2 Pound Package.




    Meat and Cheese Mutt Balls - 1 pound Banana Nut "PAW"scotti CHEE-ZOOP
    Meat and Cheese Mutt Balls - 1 poundBanana Nut "PAW"scottiCHEE-ZOOP

    Our signature item! A delicious ball of fresh ground meat and grated cheese. I dream about these!!! 3 flavors and 2 sizes available. Packaged in resealable freezer ready container, ready for gift giving, or just to show you care. 1 Pound Package

    A dog friendly version of the classic biscotti, without all the stuff dog's shouldn't have.   12 slices per package 

    No need to refrigerate, these stay fresh for weeks on the counter.

    Delicious cheddar cheese flavored tidbits. Bubba loves these! 1/2 lb. resealable tub. $6.00





    All our products are intented to be used as treats and should not be used as replacement for your dog's regular food.

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